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New Generation Fiber Laser Technology

  • With auto focus , thin and thick sheets can be cut at the best quality.
  • Single part welded body, capable of handling very high acceleration.
  • Low operational cost and energy consumption.
  • Excellent results for all types of materials.
  • World recognized high quality components.
  • Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
  • Modern and compact design.
  • Efficient and user-friendly structure.
Fiber Laser Catalog
Technical Data

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

1KW – 2KW – 3KW – 4KW – 5KW – 6KW – 8KW Laser power options available. Legend 3015-S is a unique machine having low energy consumption and very fast cutting capability with minimum maintenance cost. Legend 3015-S lazer machine has high productivity and upper segment standards. Dust collection covers are opened and closed according to the position of the cutting head. At the same time, it ensures that there will be no exhaust fumes or smoke release into the working environment. The shuttle table system is designed to increase workflow, to allow easy placement of material and to reduce time spent unloading parts.

The angle of the plate and its corner are found automatically by using 3-point detection method on the plate. Fiber Lasers are inherently made for maintenance free production. The importance is sustainable diode life lasting approximately 100,000 hours.

Fast and Smooth Cuttings with Perfect Equipments


Lightweight and Intelligent Cutting Head

Our dynamic laser cutting machine uses ProCutter, a lightweight and intelligent cutting head. Thanks to integrated distance sensors, it provides controlled cutting even at high speeds.

Fanuc CNC Controller

Fast communication due to higher number of data lines, Fanuc is much faster than the rival CNC units. The number of parts that can be processed is much higher with Fanuc.

Automatic Beam Centering

New method involving computer vision in the new method a camera is utilized to monitor the position of the laser beam in the real time. And laser centering is performed via motors.

Part Placement System

Anywhere on the sheet metal part placement and cutting can be done.

Body Structure

After all static and dynamic analysis welded construction and welding operations, stress relieving process is applied to create one piece and strong body structure.

Slag Troley

There are slag trolleys to collect small pieces that fall easily during the cutting process. CNC controlled conveyor can be included as an option.

Standard Equipments

• IPG resonator
• 19 inch LCD touch screen
• Metalix software
• Precitec cutting head
• Shuttle table
• Chiller laser cooling system.
• Automatic gas selection system
• Smoke suction filter
• Air conditioner for automation panel
• Slag car for interrupted parts.
• Automatic sheet measurement vision system (Camera based)

Optional Equipments

• Automatic beam centering system.
• Linear motor technology
• Laser Safety Barrier
• Piercing Sensor
• Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
• Compressor

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